smoggy air over city

The good news with pollution in Hamilton is that it has been declining since the mid 1990’s. This means fewer deaths.  For example, in 2003, 229 deaths occurred due to bad air quality. In 2012, that number has been reduced to 186 deaths. The decline in air pollution is mostly due to many manufacturing industries shutting their doors, such as the Dominion Glass Company, Westinghouse, Procter & Gamble, and Camco.

There is still a lot of pollution in Hamilton, some which cannot be helped, as it migrates here from America (at least 50% of Hamilton Pollution comes from the states. Furthermore, the average mortality risk due to exposure to air pollution in Hamilton is 4.6%, which is a little high.

A study was recently done by Rotek Environmental Inc for the city of Hamilton. This interesting read on Air Pollution in Hamilton lists a few areas were Air Pollution is the Highest in Hamilton. The following is our summary on these areas.

Anywhere within 200 meters of a highway.

All major highways are a major source of air pollution, and living within 200 meters of arterial roads and major highways drastically increases your exposure. Houses near the 403, the Linc and the QEW are exposed to air pollution that is 300% greater than other neighbourhoods. If you live near these areas, keep your windows closed as much as possible, and have your ducts cleaned regularly so pollution does not circulate within your home.

Below the Escarpment

Air pollution levels are higher below the escarpment because of the manufacturing industries, the higher density of traffic and people. Furthermore, the escarpment walls block the clouds of smog.

Air Pollution on Jones Road in Hamilton

In the Hamilton Air Pollution study, the Jones Road area had the highest levels of air pollution. Meanwhile, Dundas Ontario had the lowest levels of pollution in Hamilton.

Between Barton and Burlington Street

This area of northeast Hamilton has high readings of nitrogen dioxide. These concentrations are suspected to be from heavy diesel truck traffic. Wentworth Street North in particular showed higher levels of both particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide.

Eastport Drive

The Eastport drive has elevated levels of nitrogen oxide which more than likely comes from the Skyway Bridge.

How can I reduce my exposure to Air Pollution?

If you live near these areas in Hamilton, it might be best to have your ducts cleaned. Pollutants can enter your home and enter duct work, where it is difficult for you to vacuum. This will assist in assuring that you are circulating clean air when you are running your furnace or air conditioner.  A good carpet and rug cleaning is also beneficial as pollutants do get stuck in the fibers of your carpets and rugs, which Kleen Rite’s deep steam cleaning can safely and effectively remove.

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