Many homeowners and business owners in the Golden Horseshoe area have carpeting installed in their homes/offices. Some have thinner and more affordable carpets, while others opt to get a thicker, more lavish and expensive carpeting solutions. As with any other flooring solution you purchase, carpeting requires regular maintenance in order to promote its longevity. This blog post explores the 4 main benefits to deep steam professional carpet cleaning:

deep cleaning carpets1.     Leaves no residue:

Many carpet cleaning methods out there leave soap, residue, and dirt behind. When that happens, carpets tend to resoil more quickly after cleaning. Hiring a professional steam cleaning company for your carpet cleaning needs will ensure your carpet is cleaned thoroughly and it never becomes a habitat for mold growth. The great thing about this method of cleaning is that there are no residues left behind and the dry time is dramatically reduced because the method doesn’t flood the carpets with water.

2.     Eco-Friendly

In other cleaning methods, chemicals are used to brighten up carpets. This becomes a concern for people and pets with asthma, allergies and other sensitivities. One benefit of deep steam cleaning services is the minimization of chemicals present during the process. As well, there is less concern for harmful residues contaminating indoor environments.

3.     Safe for Children:

Toddlers spend the majority of their day sitting, crawling, lying and playing on the floor. Parents should always be mindful of the agents they use to clean their homes. Traditional cleaners not only could harm the environment but could also have adverse affects on the young ones. Steam cleaning disinfects high traffic areas using water and leaves no potentially-dangerous residue behind.

4.     Perfect for Wall-to-Wall Carpeting:

Deep steam cleaning is ideal for wall-to-wall carpet cleaning because the machine is easily maneuvered around the edges of the carpeting and furniture. The vacuum pump system used pulls out dirt stuck deep inside the carpeting.

If you’ve made the decision to use the services of a professional deep carpet cleaning company, consider getting a free no-obligation quote for it today. It’s highly recommended that you clean your carpets once per year. Homes and offices with heavy foot traffic as well as homes that have kids and pets may opt to have it cleaned more often.

Why hire Kleen Rite?

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