If you’re in search of top-tier and cost-effective professional carpet cleaning services in southern Ontario, look no further.

At Kleen Rite, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional workmanship and carpet cleaning methods, regardless of the job’s scale.

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The Kleen Rite Carpet Cleaning Method

Our approach to carpet cleaning involves the utilization of highly effective pre-treatments to loosen stubborn soil, followed by a thorough rinse using high-pressure, high-temperature steam. This method restores the vibrancy of your broadloom and upholstery, leaving them in their optimal condition.

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Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

For the most effective and comprehensive carpet and upholstery cleaning, professional deep steam cleaning is the preferred method. It is the sole technique capable of completely rinsing away dirt and cleaning solutions from your carpets. While other methods like dry carpet cleaning or dry foam carpet cleaning offer quicker drying times, they compromise on the quality of carpet cleaning. Kleen Rite’s deep steam cleaning employs high heat to eliminate bacteria that may have accumulated in your carpets, as well as hot water extraction using a powerful vacuum.

All other carpet cleaning methods leave behind soap, residues, and dirt, leading to faster re-soiling. These remnants tend to attract more dirt, necessitating more frequent cleaning. While renting a steam cleaner for a DIY approach is an option, choosing our services ensures that your carpets dry properly, preventing the development of mould.

Our service technicians are well-versed in handling various carpet types, including Saxony, Frieze, Cut Pile, Cable, and Berber carpets.

Our recommendation is to opt for professional deep steam carpet cleaning and reject all other alternatives. Kleen Rite proudly stands as the premier carpet and upholstery cleaner in southern Ontario.

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Carpet Cleaning Results

Every homeowner has experienced the frustration of finding muddy paw prints, pet urine, makeup stains, wine spills, or lingering food stains on their carpets. At Kleen Rite, we excel in eliminating a diverse range of stains and odours. We prioritize environmentally friendly, non-toxic treatments that ensure a safe and clean home for both babies and pets. Trust us to handle all types of stains with care and efficiency, providing a solution that leaves your home spotless and fresh.

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