Kleen Rite provides high-quality and cost-effective duct cleaning services.

Our commercially-rated negative air systems and high-pressure compressed air techniques effectively eliminate dust, dirt, and debris from your ducts. Clean ducts not only reduce your monthly energy bills but also enhance air quality, minimizing allergy, asthma, and bronchial issues. All our duct cleaning techniques are environmentally friendly.

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The Kleen Rite Difference

Kleen Rite’s dedicated and knowledgeable technicians ensure that every duct cleaning job is executed flawlessly on the first attempt. We employ the most efficient cleaning methods to disinfect and cleanse your ducts. If you’re not satisfied with our duct cleaning services for any reason, we’ll return to make things right.

Kleen Rite offers detergent-free, hypo-allergenic duct cleaning, free from harmful chemicals and odours. Our service safely removes dust, dander, dust mites, mould, and mildew that accumulate in your air ducts and circulate through the air. We utilize special tools to reach past cross breaks, drive cleats, the throat (inside a ductwork elbow), and reducers.

Chronic asthma sufferers can breathe easier!

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Gravity Happens

In addition to duct cleaning, we retrieve items that have found their way into vents. Here’s a list of items we’ve encountered during vent cleaning:

  • One High-Heeled Shoe
  • Car Keys
  • TV Remote
  • $13.21 in pennies
  • Wedding rings
  • Beer Bottles
  • VHS tapes

While you may not have Wayne Gretzky’s rookie hockey card or the legendary issue of Superman #1 in your ducts, there may be dust, hair, dead insects, or other surprises lurking. Allow Kleen Rite to vacuum out your vents, enhancing airflow and air quality in your home.

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Duct Cleaning Results

At Kleen Rite, we elevate your duct cleaning experience by harnessing cutting-edge camera technology to showcase the immaculateness of your ductwork. Our meticulously curated before-and-after gallery serves as a testament to the unparalleled effectiveness of our services, promising you air that’s not just clean but truly revitalizing.

We are committed to delivering a premium standard of professional duct cleaning at a price that competes with the best. Our technicians, experts in their craft, invest the requisite time to ensure each job meets the highest standards, all underpinned by our unwavering guarantee. Elevate the quality of the air you breathe with Kleen Rite, where excellence seamlessly meets affordability.

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