Carpet cleaning is ideal for keeping your house looking sparkling clean and extending your carpets life span, but more importantly, professionally cleaned carpets will help keep your family healthy. There are three main ways that professionally cleaning your carpet will protect your loved ones from the bacteria and pollutants that lurk beneath the comfy carpet underneath your feet.

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Constricted Pollutants

Dirty carpets contain several different types of indoor pollutants including lead, pet dander, allergens, and of course dirt and dust. Unfortunately these pollutants are not visible to the human eye and often go unnoticed. To make matters worse, these pollutants get released through your normal daily activities like vacuuming and simply walking across your carpet, polluting the air you and your family breathes. The solution is simple: let Kleen Rite eliminate these pollutants to ensure that these pesky contaminants are gone!

Kleen Rite professionals use special cleaning solutions and techniques that eliminate these unwanted pollutants that lurk deep in your carpets threads. Eliminate these unwanted pollutants and guarantee your family clean air to breathe. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned regularly will make sure that these pollutants don’t have a chance to build up.

Invisible Creatures

Dust mite infestations in homes commonly go unnoticed because dust mites are microscopic little creatures that are invisible to the human eye. These unwelcomed guests leave feces and body fragments in your carpet and cause allergic reactions. A Dust Mite’s extremely small size makes them easily inhaled when the infested area is disturbed. When the particles are inhaled, they can cause irritations and allergic reactions. Dust mites are similar to pollutants because they lurk in your homes carpets wreaking havoc without your knowledge. Call Kleen Rite today and sleep easy knowing that our carpet cleaning process in combination with special treatments will eliminate these tiny pests. Our steam deep clean method exposes carpet dust mites to high temperatures they are unable to survive in, eliminating them in their tracks.

Dreaded Mold Growth

Regular carpet cleaning also prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Areas in your home that are exposed to high humidity levels like carpets are at risk of developing mold when exposed to moisture. Your carpets attain moisture through normal daily activities, such as going in and out of your backyard or spilling a drink. The moisture then seeps into the threads and encourages the growth of mold if not dried immediately. Prevent mold by getting your carpets professionally cleaned regularly, to annihilate dampness. Our experts use powerful drying techniques to remove the moisture entirely, eliminating the possibility of mold growth. Mould causes many health issues including irritation of the throat, nose, and eyes, allergic reactions and symptoms of asthma. Avoid the effects of mould by contacting Kleen Rite today and booking your professional carpet clean!

The benefits of getting your carpet cleaned professionally are numerous, but the ability to keep your family safe from the pests that hide beneath your carpet is the most important reason. Getting your carpets cleaned regularly will ensure that your family will not suffer from the negative effects of pollutants, dust mites and mold. Now that you are informed of the creepy crawlers that could be lurking in your carpet, call Kleen Rite today and book your professional carpet cleaning today!

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