It is not easy to get rid of carpet mold. However, it is not impossible either. By taking some simple measures, you can prevent mold from growing on your carpet.

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Moisture is the main culprit that causes mold on carpet. This, however, does not mean that you can solve the mold problem by simply getting rid of moisture. Yes, moisture control may inhibit mold growth, but is only a partial solution.

How to keep basement carpets free of mold

Many homeowners are reluctant to install carpets in the basement because of the potential for mold. Basements are damp places. They might seem dry, but they aren’t. Even a little humidity can cause problems if it gets trapped in the basement. That explains why basement carpeting needs extra care.
Besides being unsightly, mold can cause serious problems. Even if you are not allergic to mold, you can still get affected by them. Toxic molds produce byproducts called myoctoxins. They can harm even healthy people. Worse still, if you have a mold-infected home, you will have a tough time getting it sold.
While humidity can cause mold to grow on basement carpeting, that is not the main culprit. In fact, more than humidity dirt contributes to mold growth. So, if your carpets are even mildly dirty, they will provide a good environment for the mold to grow. And the high humidity in the basement will make the situation even worse. So, if you really want to check the growth of mold on your carpets, you need to keep them clean. It should be noted that if your carpets are clean, they are virtually impervious to mold growth of any kind.
Dirt promotes mold growth for two reasons. For one thing, the dirt contains numerous mold spores. In addition, it contains moisture. And when this moisture combines with the abundant humidity present in the basement, there is rich breeding ground for mold. Also, dirt attracts moisture. So, if your carpeting is dirty, it will attract the moisture and humidity present in the air.
So what is the solution? Should you avoid installing carpet in the basement? No, you shouldn’t. It is easy to prevent mold from attacking your carpeting. Here are a few things you can do.

Keep temperatures low

High temperature encourages mold growth on carpeting. If the temperature inside the basement is 80 degrees F and higher, you may find it difficult to arrest mold growth. Effective air conditioning will reduce both temperature and humidity.

Keep humidity levels low

If the humidity levels in your basement are 65 percent and lower, you will be able to maintain mold-free carpeting. If your home is high in humidity, consider installing a portable dehumidifier.

Keep your carpeting clean

Vacuum your carpet on a weekly basis. This will keep it fairly clean. Clean carpeting not only looks attractive; it also prevents the growth of mold.

Use synthetic carpet materials

Organic materials like wool are prone to mold growth. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, do not provide a favorable environment for mold to grow. So, choose synthetic carpeting for your basements.

Mold Free Carpets

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