Anyone who has carpets in their homes knows exactly what a challenge it can be to ensure they don’t get stained or soiled. It can be quite a task (sometimes an almost impossible one), to satisfactorily get stains (like that of red wine, etc.), out of the carpeting. However, in 1952, 3M launched a water and stain-repellant product- Scotchgard™, that took the market by storm.

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This fantastic product protects your precious carpet and upholstery from soiling and staining. If you believe in magic, Scotchgard™ is something akin to it! Once you spray this 3M product on upholstery and carpets, it creates a thin, invisible film that acts as a protective shield on these surfaces; its highly effective in repelling stains. All you need is some water and a rag to clean up the spills; you can bid goodbye to stains, scrubbing and ruined carpets.

What probably makes it an even more fantastic product is that it doesn’t have any effect on the carpet or upholstery, so both stay looking and feeling the same. You will find similar carpet-protectant products in the market, but none of them can stand up to Scotchgard™ in terms of efficacy. Unlike Scotchgard™, many of the products leave behind a glossy, sticky residue on the carpet; that makes it look tacky.

Scotchgard™ – How it works its magic

So, how does it work? How can a product that’s invisible and unnoticeable, provide this kind of protection?

Once you spray Scotchgard™ on any upholstery or carpet, it forms a coating on every fiber and protects it from liquids and all types of oil-based stains. Like most inventions, the Scotchgard™ formula was also an accidental discovery. Two scientists – Patsy Sherman & Samuel Smith stumbled upon it while they were conducting research for another project. In 1973, they got this formula patented.

The primary ingredient in this wonder product was perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS). However, the U.S EPA found it unfit for use due to its high toxicity levels; and over the last decade or so, this ingredient has been slowly phased out of all 3M products. Since 2003, perfluorobutanesulfonic acid (PFBS) has replaced PFOS in all 3M products; it’s equally effective but has a considerably shorter lifespan.

While Scotchgard™ effectively protects your carpet from dirt and stains, it’s not a fool-proof product. However, using it with regularity provides your upholstery and carpeting a significant amount of protection- keeps them looking cleaner for longer and increases their longevity. The thing to keep in view here is that Scotchgard™ can’t stop liquids or stains from settling into the fibers if you let them stay on the fabric or carpet for long.

It just gives you the time to mop up /clean up that spill or stain and prevents it from becoming permanent. In addition to carpets and upholstered furniture, it can also be used on bath mats, beach chairs, tablecloths, oven mitts, canvas shoes, aprons, and fabric-based holiday ornaments, etc.

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