Carpet cleaning often begins with vacuuming.

You have to vacuum your carpets once a week. Carpets used in high traffic areas have to be vacuumed more often. Frequent vacuuming will enhance the life of your carpeting by preventing the buildup of dirt and gritty particles. Every few weeks, you will also need to clean around radiators and base boards. This job requires special expertise. That is why we feel that you should hire a professional carpet cleaning service.

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The best way to vacuum carpeting is to divide the carpet into quadrants. Make sure that you vacuum an entire quadrant before proceeding to the next.

Vacuuming isn’t something you can do in a couple of minutes. In a plush carpet, dirt will be deeply embedded. You won’t be able to remove it with just one pass. Make sure that you go over each section several times.

You can apply soil retardants to newly cleaned carpeting. This needs to be done using professional equipment. You can fight odors by adding baking soda to the bag in the vacuum cleaner.
Removing spots and spills is not easy. Spills need to be cleaned immediately. In that case, removing them becomes easier. When the spill is fresh, you will probably be able to remove it totally.

Before applying a cleaning agent, you have to scrape or blot the entire area carefully. Since cleaning solutions can damage or discolor the carpet, test cleaning is important. Apply the cleaning solution to an inconspicuous area of the carpet to ensure that it doesn’t cause any damage.

Don’t rub the spill. If you do that the problem may spread to a bigger area. When applying spot cleaner, you have to clean from the outside towards the inside. This will prevent the stain from spreading. Blot up the moisture after applying the cleaning solution.

If you suspect that there is moisture even after blotting the carpet, put a stack of towels over the area and weigh it down with a heavy object.

How to remove specific carpet stains

Acid spills like vinaigrette salad dressings and white wine require quick action. Dilute the acid immediately with water and baking soda. Then apply a cleaning solution of water (10 parts) and ammonia (1 part). After applying this solution, rinse the area with water. Let it dry. Vacuum gently.

Alcoholic spills also need to be diluted quickly with cold water. After absorbing the excess liquid, apply a mixture of vinegar, mild detergent and water to the spot. Let it dry. Vacuum gently.

Removing Butter from Carpets

Scrape up as much butter as possible and they apply some dry-cleaning fluid. Let the carpet dry. If the spot still remains, you will need to repeat the procedure. When the carpet has dried up, vacuum gently.

Remove Candle Wax from Carpets

Removing candle wax is easy. Press some ice against the wax stain. This will cause the wax to harden. Now you can pull it off easily.

Need help with cleaning your carpet?

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