The most important thing that you can do to maximize the longevity of your carpets is to do one thing- vacuum. Depending on many variables, you may only have to vacuum as often as once a week, and some may have to vacuum every day or every second day. There are easy ways to gauge this. Buy a vacuum cleaner with a see through bin that shows you how much you have picked up in your vacuuming. Try once every day. If you are still picking up a significant amount up off the carpets at this point, daily vacuuming is important. Otherwise, try every few days and see how that works.

Depending on how many are living in your home, the size of the home and having pets are all factors for how often you should vacuum. Did you know that 70% of all dirt in carpets can be removed by vacuuming? We recommend to buy a top quality vacuum for your carpets- what a great investment.

We recommend the Dyson DC43 as our top pick. You will be amazed at what your current vacuum isn’t picking up. Proper upkeep, and regular steam cleaning of your carpets will keep them looking good, lasting longer, and even feeling good to the touch. When you are ready for your next carpet cleaning, insist on the Professionals…Call Kleen Rite!

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