One of the best things you can do to increase the longevity of your area rugs is to vacuum them regularly.

Generally speaking, wool rugs have to be washed every one to three years. However, this depends on several factors. If the rug is being cleaned properly, you will probably not have to wash it as often. The quality of the wool and the level of activity on the rug are two other important factors to consider.

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Low activity rugs do not have to be washed as often as high activity rugs. If you have young kids, or pets you will have to wash the rugs in your main room and entryway annually. Rugs in low activity areas should be washed only once in three years.

Rugs made of better quality wool are good at repelling spills and soil. In this case, regular vacuuming and spot cleaning are quite effective. If your rugs are good at repelling contaminants, you will not have to wash them very often.

How To Vacuum The Rug?

Rugs that are properly vacuumed don’t have to be washed very often. Many rug owners don’t understand what proper vacuuming means. Here are some area rug cleaning tips.

Dust Often

Vacuuming your rugs is all about dusting them often. Dust particles settle on all surfaces. Depending upon the efficiency of your air filter, you may be dusting your floors and counters daily or once a week. Dust also settles on your rugs and carpet. It is just that you don’t notice it.

Professional carpet cleaners always vacuum the carpet before steam cleaning it. By vacuuming the carpet, they can remove most of the dust and grit accumulated on it.

Dust settles on your wool rugs as well. If this grit is not dusted as soon as it has settled on the tips of the rug’s fibers, it will find its way into the foundation of the rug. The sharp edged tiny particles will cut at the fibers and create wear areas. When wool knots begins to wear down, the cotton foundation threads will get exposed. You should remove this dust before it reaches the base of your rug.

Regular vacuuming will prevent the dust from settling at the base. If you have not been vacuuming your rugs regularly, you should get them washed and then start the regular dusting program.

If you recently washed your rug, then it is unlikely to have any embedded soil in its foundation. In this case, you should try to keep the dust buildup as low as possible until the next washing.

How To Dust?

Dusting a rug is similar to painting a wall. You have to make small strokes from side to side in the same direction. Once you have completed dusting one section move to the next.

It is a good idea to dust the back of smaller rugs once every two months. As there is no pile direction on the back, you can move the vacuum tool in whichever manner you like. You are unlikely to find any dust on the back, but this process will prevent wool-eating bugs from making your rug their home.

Cleaning a rug, if not done correctly, could damage the fibers of the rug and permanently damage them. To avoid such disasters contact us for all your rug and carpet cleaning services.


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