Clean carpets make your home more attractive and inviting. Needless to say, everybody wants fresh, clean carpets. Even if you take good care of your carpets, they are bound to get dirty over time. And then you will need to clean them. Should you hire a carpet cleaning service or do it yourself?

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Now that you can rent ‘professional’ machines, many people toy with the idea of cleaning their carpets themselves. However, this is not recommended. DIY carpet cleaning has several disadvantages.

While it is true that you can rent machines from a rental  store, they are usually small and flimsy.  As you can imagine, small machines have limited power.

Generally speaking, sturdier machines tend to do a better job than smaller cleaning machines. Well engineered machines are heavier and have more power. So, you will get better results. There will be more heat, more vacuum and more water pressure. As a result, your carpets will be dryer, cleaner and brighter.

While it may be tempting to clean your carpets yourself and save some bucks, you need to understand that a DIY job will be much less impressive than a professional job. Rental machines are not professional machines. You may have watched countless videos extoling the virtues of these machines, but keep in mind that those videos are meant to promote the hiring of these machines.

Think about the situation logically. If those machines were that good, then why should professional carpet cleaning companies buy machines costing several thousands of dollars? Those rental machines cost much less. They could just buy one of those machines, right? Yes, but the truth is that good carpet cleaning services invest heavily in machines because they understand the difference between professional machines and low grade machines.

They want to provide that ultimate cleaning experience. Otherwise, their clients will not return to them when they need to get their carpet cleaned again.

So what are the dangers of cleaning your carpets yourself? In this article, we will explain the problems that you may experience.

Poor results

You need powerful machines to clean your carpets properly. As we have already seen, hire machines lack power.


Your carpet may remain damp for several days. This will not only cause bad smells, but also promote the growth of mold. Mold causes several health problems. Also, if your home is infected with mold, you just won’t enjoy living there.


Overwetting of carpets may result in ruining the floor between it. Overwetting may also lead to browning discoloration. In addition, excessive moisture can lead to shrinkage.

Poor cleaning methods can cause detergent content to be left behind. This will also lead to rapid re-soiling.

An improper DIY job can damage your carpets. And then you will have to remove or replace them. Since carpets are expensive you will definitely want them to last decades. Why should you reduce their durability by attempting to clean them yourself? That does not make sense at all. In an attempt to save a few dollars today, you will end up spending a lot more tomorrow.

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