Never mind all of those New Year’s resolutions. Start 2023 out with a clean house and you’ll feel like you can accomplish anything in the coming year.

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Window Cleaning

Generally, we tackle the windows in the spring. A little attention following the holidays will go a long way. Fingerprints and condensation can wreak havoc on the look and functionality of our windows. It’s best to remove any screens for the winter. This will enable you to give them a good wipe from time to time in the cooler months. Don’t forget the glass cleaner.

Carpet Cleaning

After all those holiday festivities, the carpets in your home have no doubt seen better days. Along with the usual wear and tear, your carpets get throughout the year, the holiday months bring their own brand of dirt and debris. The new year is a great time to turn the clocks back for your carpets. A good professional clean will restore your carpets and have you breathing easier in more than one way. Prior to any cleaning, give your carpets a good vacuum. Remove small objects like pet beds and any décor that might be found on your carpets. Anything you can do to make cleaning your carpets easier will leave the professionals more time and energy for just that.

Floor Cleaning

You likely won’t be waiting for the new year to clean your floors but a deep clean with maintenance at this time of year will give you more than a little satisfaction and your house a fresh start. Now is the time to wax those hardwoods, laminate the vinyl and scrub the grout on those tiles. A deep clean after all those feet have abused the surfaces of your floors, will make future floor cleanings, easier.

Storage Areas & Closet Cleaning

When you pulled that Christmas tree out this year you may have told yourself that some organization was in order. When you returned that tree to the storage area, you were reminded once again how hard it is to get anything in and out of that cluttered space of your home. The new year brings renewed energy for just such tasks. Take a couple of storage containers and a few garbage bags with you. Get in there and dig your way out with a purge session and reorganization of those things you wish to keep.

Starting your year off with a clean house can go a long way in making 2017 a year to be remembered. It’s amazing how productive you can be when the house is taken care of. Take some much needed time in January to fulfill that to do list for your house. Resolutions are great but a clean house, with clean windows, clean floors, clean carpets is all the motivation you’ll need this coming year to make the most of 2017. Contact Kleen Rite and we’ll be happy to talk to you about getting your home clean in time for the new year. You can also check out our Book Our Services page to see what kind of house cleaning package is right for you.

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