We love our pets, but all of us face the dreaded problem of pet hair accumulating on our floors, furniture and especially in our carpeting. Unfortunately, dealing with pet hair is part of having pets. During the warm months especially, cats and dogs tend to shed, especially if they have long hair.

cat on carpet

Pet hair from dogs and cats can become embedded in the carpet and is hard to remove even by vacuuming. However, there are certain things that you can do to reduce or eliminate pet hair throughout the house, particularly on your carpets since pet hair can hide in carpets for ages. So what’s the solution?

One of the first things to consider is that with hardwood, tile and laminate flooring, pet hair is easily removed by sweeping or mopping. However, not everyone wants their homes to have these surfaces throughout. Carpeting offers a warm, cozy feeling for many homes, particularly in living rooms and bedrooms. Therefore, a good strategy to remove the hair is required. Since animal hair gets weaved into the fabric, removing can be twice as hard to achieve.

Rubber works great

One way that you can remove that pesky pet hair is by buying a long-handled squeegee. The rubber on the squeegee’s end loosens the hairs, allowing you to pick them up and toss them away easily. This technique is perfect for under your sofas and particularly places that your vacuum can’t reach. A rubber broom will also do the same trick. Spray a light mist of water on the carpet then use a rubber broom to roll all the hair into a nice little ball.

Sponge it off

If you don’t have a rubber broom, a wet sponge will also do the trick, but it’s a job requiring you to get down on your hands and knees. Dampen a sponge and rub it over the area. The fur should roll up into clumps, which you can then remove by hand.

Fabric softener sheets

Most of us have fabric softener sheets in the house. They are effective in picking up pet hair off your carpets. Lightly spray the affected surface with a mixture of fabric softener and water to “prep” the area before removing pet hair with your vacuum. Not only will your carpet be pet hair free, but you also leave a lovely scent in the house.

Brushing regularly

Brushing your dog or cat on a regular basis will help keep the hair to a minimum. If you can do this outside directly before or after you have swept or vacuumed your floor even better. You will start to notice a big difference it makes with this simple routine.

Use the right filters

When you have the right kind of filter, it can catch those hairs that float around during the day after you’ve vacuumed. You want to make sure that you change the filters on the vacuum on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to mark the date on the calendar or set a reminder on your phone when it is time to buy a new filter and replace the old one. Make sure you are using the best quality filters you can find to ensure they are doing their job.

Adopting a pet

When thinking about adopting a pet, consider shorthaired animals rather than longhaired pets. Although it’s difficult to predict shedding behaviour, you have a better chance of less hair getting embedded into the carpet with a short-haired pet. Brushing and grooming your new pet regularly will get them familiar to the routine and you will reduce pet hair buildup.

Love your pet

Having pet hair on your carpets and throughout the house is the price we pay for loving our pets and living in close quarters, but it doesn’t have to be intolerable. There are lots of simple tips, like the ones above, to keep your carpets pet hair free and still let you enjoy having your furry friends reside with you.

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