Christmas TreeChristmas comes with a whole lot more than unwrapping your awesome gifts. It involves putting up decorations and it will require some preparation. Prior, during and after the holiday decorating fiesta some amount of cleaning must be done to the home. Keeping your home clean during the holiday season will go a long way in keeping your loved ones healthy and happy too.

#1 Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

It’s great on your carpets and your lungs. A good vacuum will not only pick up those loose pine needles, saving the soles of your feet but loads of dust, dander, and mites. When all those decorations are pulled out each year, they bring with them a whole lot of dust. Vacuum often throughout the process of decorating your home and your home won’t just be decked out for Christmas but will be the kind of clean even Mrs. Claus would be proud of.

#2 Dust Off All Those Old Holiday Decorations

Be sure to dust off those many trinkets and ornaments. They have been in storage for a long time and could use a good wiping. Use a damp cloth to best capture all debris. Mold spores, dust hair and dander are not very festive. Free your most prized ornaments from all these allergens and your holiday visitors will thank you.

#3 Change Your Filters

The start of the Christmas season is a great time to change your furnace filter. Any new filter will certainly be given a work out throughout the season and may need to be replaced again come the new year. Change any vent filters as well. These simple measures will not promote cleaner air but increase the efficiency of your furnace.

#4 Get Your Air Duct Cleaned

If it’s been more than a few years, consider getting you air ducts cleaned. Reducing allergens will have your friends and family breathing easier throughout the Christmas season and a good air duct cleaning will be the reason.

#5 Expecting Guests? Make Sure Your Carpets Are Clean

If you are expecting visitors this holiday season, consider having your carpets professionally cleaned. This cleaning tip will benefit you long after the new year and give your home a fresh look and feel. Again, the allergens in the air will be reduced and all those who grace your home this Christmas will thank you.

#6 Don’t Forget The Outside Of The Home Too

Your Christmas cleaning checklist should include the outside of your home as well. Hanging all those lights is just the beginning. Be sure to clear the debris from the front porch and surrounding area. Those rakes and rubber boots aren’t very festive and should be given a new home. At least until the tree goes away.

#7 Keep It Clean!

Once it’s tidied, keep it that way. One Christmas cleaning tip that will help to keep any room tidy throughout the season, is to keep a laundry basket nearby. At the end of each day, take all that doesn’t belong in that room and put it in the basket. Place each of these things in their rightful home.

Aside from closing your house down for the period preceding the holiday, many of these Christmas cleaning tips will need to be repeated. Be sure to practice some balance this holiday season. No amount of cleaning that interrupts your enjoyment of your friends and family is worth it. Christmas cleaning can always wait.

If you find your holiday season getting too hectic and you don’t have enough time to clean, Kleen Rite has Cleaning Services for your home and we can work around your schedule to get your home clean in time for a holiday event at your home.

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