Blood stains on carpet can happen on occasion. When you have kids, they might be caused from a nose bleed, a skinned knee, a baby tooth falling out, or a misplaced thumbtack on the floor. When left too long, it is not easy to remove blood stains from the carpet because of the hemoglobin present in the blood. When hemoglobin comes into contact with oxygen it will act as a binder and bind with the fibers in the carpet.

skinned ankle

You can use a homemade cleaning solution to remove blood from the carpet if it’s a recent stain and fresh. As long as the blood stain isn’t significant in size, simply use a bit of water and mild detergent on the stain and blot it out. If it’s a rather large stain (perhaps from a nose bleed), we recommend calling a professional cleaner in, just because it’s easy for the stain to spread and cause a noticeable rust stain patch on your carpet if cleaned incorrectly.

How to Remove a Dried Blood Stain?

It is easy to remove a blood stain when it is wet. Dried stains can’t be removed that easily. If the stain is significant, we recommend you call a professional. However, if it’s a small drop or two, here are a couple of tips to assist you.

  • If the blood stain has dried, brush it to remove the deposit on the surface. Then soak the area in cold water with a mild detergent product
  • Blot the stain. Don’t rub it. The act of rubbing will only spread the stain into other parts of the carpet.
  • Blotting lets you ‘lift the stain from the carpet
  • Work from the center towards the outside of the stain to prevent spreading the stain to other areas
  • The spot may be brown when it dries, if so, call a professional if the spot is extra noticeable.

There are hundreds of homemade recipes on the internet for cleaning blood out of carpet that involve backing soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, cold water, and meat tenderizer. As a professional cleaning company, we don’t like posting these as every carpet is different and the majority of the time, the average homeowner won’t know the type of fabric that their carpet is made out of. If you choose to go the home remedy route, always do a test spot on a hidden piece of carpet to make sure the cleaning solution does not discolour or damage your carpet.

Home remedies typically only clean the surface of your carpet, however, the underlying carpet will still remained stained. Kleen Rite, on the other hand uses steam cleaning, meaning the stain is lifted from the bottom up. We feel this is the best way to have your carpets looking like brand new.

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