You took the plunge and had the ductwork in your home cleaned. It’s one of those expenses that brings us little pleasure, but one that benefits our home and health for years to come. You’ve no doubt hired professionals to come in and get the work done. A great duct cleaning company will step you through the process, and always ensure you are satisfied.  However, if you don’t feel like things were fully explained to you, don’t just cut that cheque before ensuring that the job was a complete and thorough one.

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If you don’t know what to look for when it comes to ensuring your system was sufficiently cleaned, you’re not alone. Unless heating and cooling are your expertise, there is a good reason why cleaning your furnace and duct work is generally left to the professionals. The majority of duct cleaning professionals are incredibly thorough, and will step you through the process.  However, in rare occasions you may feel a company is not delivering the quality you would expect.  Fortunately there are ways to ensure that you have gotten your money’s worth before paying out for a job that may only be partially complete.

Inspecting your System

One of the more obvious ways to check that your system is indeed clean after the professionals have been in is by taking a good look at the system. A visual inspection will go a long way in setting your mind at ease. Be sure to ask your technician to leave or reopen any entry points into your system, so that you can do your own inspection before access is once again closed off.

  • Using a flashlight, inspect all components. This will include the furnace, air conditioner, and ductwork. Check several random points throughout the ductwork that includes both the return and supply lines.
  • Ensure that both the heat exchanger in your furnace and all sides of your air conditioner coils are free of debris.
  • Inspect any draining pans and humidifiers to make sure they are clean and mold free.
  • Check the various components of your furnace for dust and mold, such as the blower and in and around filter areas. Be sure to check for not just dust, but moisture and oil build up as well. Both will encourage future dirt and mold from accumulating and growing.
  • Whether your technician has used existing access doors or has had to cut new ones, ensure that they are being secured by more than just duct tape. Being properly closed will help in the future to open these panels, and secure them tightly until then.
  • Check all junctions for air leaks. Using a ribbon and with the system running, go to each access panel, and around the furnace to check for air leaks. These will inevitably affect efficiency and allow dirt and grime to reenter your system, long after the technicians have left.
  • Is your system working well after the cleaning? Run the furnace fan, heating, and cooling systems before you cut that cheque. Any number of things can be disconnected during the cleaning process.
  • Ensure that all air vents are clean and secured and covers have been put back into place. While cleaning your system, the technician will likely tape over several vents while cleaning out others. Do a walk around to ensure all tape has been removed. Don’t forget about the cold air returns. They are often placed in your walls, not floors.

Once you’ve done a thorough inspection of your newly cleaned system, notify your technician of any problems so that they can be fixed immediately. Having them return to your home can be  burdensome or inconvenient should you need to take time off work to be at home. You are paying good money for a service that will affect the health of your home and family and you are likely not going to be cleaning your system again for a number of years. Taking on the job of cleaning the heating and cooling system in your home, isn’t likely something you, as a homeowner, can take on yourself. With a little due diligence, you can ensure that what you pay for is what you get.

If you have more questions regarding this topic or are looking for a professional air duct cleaning service, contact us today and our team of experts will be ready to help.  Our Kleen Rite technicians are passionate about their work and will happily step you through a post inspection of their cleaning.

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