If you have tough stains or years worth of dirt on – and in – your carpet, it’s time to call in a professional carpet cleaner. To ensure you get the best results possible, you’ll need to keep an eye out for companies that are knowledgeable, skilled, and upfront about their pricing and services. You can spot a top quality carpet cleaning service if you look out for these qualities.

Enjoying wine on rugUpfront pricing

Some cleaning companies will offer cheap carpet cleaning services just to get a foot in the door. Then they’ll pick out a number of other issues with your carpet that need to be attended to, and tack on the respective costs. While some price variation is possible, a great carpet cleaning service won’t provide you with a total bill that’s far more expensive than their original estimate.

Knowledge of their field

As is the case with any professional, you expect your carpet cleaning service to have an in-depth understanding of its field. You’ll know you’re working with a good company if you get solid explanations of why they recommend certain services and how they’re going to carry them out. Good cleaners will also offer instructions on how to handle your carpeting after they’re gone. They should tell you how long to wait before you can walk on the carpet again, and what to do if stains reappear – which can happen if a stain has infiltrated the carpet padding and its leftover matter begins to wick up as the carpet dries.

Knowledge of carpets

Carpet fabrics can vary widely, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all cleaning solution for them. Expert carpet cleaners will be able to select the appropriate cleaning method depending on whether your carpet is wool or synthetic, and how it was made. They’ll also know which products have the potential to make stains worse and damage your carpet if not used correctly.

Offering realistic expectations

Some cleaning companies will make it out to sound as though their work will leave everything in your home looking brand new. While that’s usually the goal of a carpet cleaning service, a heavily soiled carpet that hasn’t been touched in years may never look new again. The best technicians will let you know what sort of results are possible and what aren’t. If a cleaning service offers unrealistic expectations, you’ll likely end up disappointed with the results.

Not just cleaning, but sanitizing

The best carpet cleaning services will in fact offer something more than cleaning – they’ll offer carpet disinfecting. The systems that top professionals have at their disposal will actually kill bacteria and dust mites lodged in your carpets. That sort of sanitizing not only leaves your carpets looking better, but leaves your whole home in a cleaner state by reducing allergens.

If you have a tough carpet cleaning job on your hands, give yourself a break and leave the work to the experts at Kleen Rite. We have the specialized tools and know-how to handle a wide range of blemishes on a variety of carpet types.

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