When the topic of air pollution is brought up in conversations, most people associate it with the outdoors – smog, ozone, and haze. Unfortunately, the air inside homes, office spaces, and other buildings carry more pollutants than the air outside. There are many causes of indoor pollution – house dusts, fire retardants, radon, and chemicals from fragrances used in all-purpose cleaners. Other possibilities include pollutants that are tracked into the home via the arrival of new furniture, mattresses, and even a new coat of paint.

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This blog post explores the 5 simple ways you can improve the air quality in your home:

1. Vacuum
Chemicals, dust mite, pollen, pet dandruff and other pollutants can easily accumulate in the home without you knowing. If you use a vacuum cleaner with a strong suction, rotating brushes, and a HEPA filter, you can ensure that dust and dirt won’t get blown back into the exhaust pipes. It’s also important to vacuum several times in the most trafficked areas and not to forget about walls, carpet edges, and furniture. For optimal results, it’s suggested to vacuum at least two times a week.

2. Mop It:
Once you’ve vacuumed the place, it’s important to give your non carpeted floors a good mop. Mopping helps you pick up pollutants that vacuuming left behind. All that is needed is water to capture the lingering dust and dirt. It’s well recommended to use the microfibre mops because they are purportedly able to capture more dust and dirt than traditional fibres.

3. Avoid High Humidity Levels:
Dust mites as well as mold prosper in moist areas. Investing in a dehumidifier as well as air conditioner (during the summer months) will help you keep moisture levels in indoor air at optimal levels. Air conditioning, specifically, helps reduce indoor pollen count, which is an added bonus for allergy sufferers.

4. Avoid Smoking Indoors:
Third hand smoking is an important aspect of indoor air pollution. It can be defined as the contamination of tobacco smoke which lingers after the cigarette has been extinguished. With third hand smoke, the cocktail of toxins in the cigarettes attach themselves to carpets, sofas, clothes, and other materials hours and days after the last smoke was extinguished. This poses a health hazard to infants, children, and even new home owners because the toxins are not that easy to remove.

5. Air duct cleaning
Just because you don’t see inside your ducts – doesn’t mean you don’t breathe what comes out of them. Having your ducts cleaned regularly and upon moving into a newly-built home improves the air quality in the home and ensures the furnace and air conditioner operates at maximum efficiency. Dirty HVACs can lead to clogged AC coils and furnace filters as well as polluted blower wheels that could eventually lead to breakdown.

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