When we are attacking a particularly dirty area of a home, including a stubborn stain or somewhere different that hygiene is of critical importance (such as a hospital), we often find that using a steam cleaner is the best option. A steam cleaner will ensure that you get an area really clean, whilst also killing bacteria and other nasties that might be lurking around.

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What’s the Benefit of Using a Steam Cleaner and How Does It Actually Work?

Using a steam cleaner has a number of benefits thanks to it’ unique cleaning powers. Water is heated to a temperature of over 200°C and the vapour is then dispersed through an attachment much like a vacuum cleaner.

The water vapour leaves at a sufficient temperature to be able to weaken the chemical bond between the surface and piece of dirt or stain, and then the moisture can then be used to scrub, wipe or wash away the dirt.

The steam can also go into the pores of any hard surface therefore giving it a really good, deep clean. A steam clean can even make surfaces smoother to the touch, as it penetrates and cleans the pores, meaning that there is no dirt or bacteria trapped inside them.

Another bonus to using a steam cleaner is that although it gets everything really clean, it doesn’t require cleaning chemicals – which is great for everyone – but especially for those with allergies or young children. It is natural, sanitizing and de-odorizing without using any chemicals whatsoever.

Steam cleaners can be used on a whole manner of surfaces and situations including:

  • Wall paper removal
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Cars
  • Dust mites and mould removal
  • Grout Cleaning
  • Clearing our clogged drains
  • Window cleanings
  • Glass and mirror cleaning
  • Cleaning up after pets – including bird cages
  • Removing toxic dry cleaning solvent, and other odours from clothes.


Buying a Steam Cleaner

If you were to think about buying a steam cleaner for your own use, there are a number of factors which you should consider. The first and most important aspect is the issue of security. Remember that you are potentially carrying around a huge amount of extremely hot water. So you need to be able to ensure your own safety and that of others by making sure that it is well contained and that the body of the machine is strong and reliable.

There are a number of different attachments that can come with a steam cleaner to make the process easier for its user. You should also look into the temperature that water is heated to – the hotter the water being, the more effective that it will be to cleanse – for a really effective clean, look for temperatures about 285°C.

You will also have to decide whether you want a continuous fill steam cleaner, or a ‘tank style’ cleaner – the difference being that the tank style stores and heats the water, whereas the continual version just passes the water through and heats it on its ‘journey’. A lot of this depends on the amount of time that you are expecting to have your steam cleaner on and working for.

When it comes to getting surfaces really clean, a steam cleaner is definitely the way forward. Whether it is a floor, car or kitchen, knowing that you have steam cleaned it, you can keep your mind at rest that your sparkling surface not only looks spotless, it IS spotless;

If you”re interested in having you home or business steam cleaned then Book an Appointment with Kleen Rite.

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