After a long day of work, you return home and enter your front door as you are greeted by a mysterious smell that you will now spend the better part of your evening searching for. Chances are, that smell can’t be blamed on just one thing and won’t likely have only one cure. Carpet cleaning, duct cleaning and even furniture cleaning, will go a long way in restoring your nasal sensibilities.

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You’ve heard of going nose blind? Well after spending a long time in a smelly environment, you are likely to become “nose blind” to those smells the longer you remain there, meaning you no longer notice them. However, anyone entering your home will. By simply cleaning the house, hunting down likely culprits and using air fresheners, won’t likely take care of the persistent scent that your home has now become accustomed too.

Carpet Cleaning

The fact that carpets can harbour smells among other nasty things is one of the reasons that so many shy away from using carpet in their home. Carpets and their dust mites, dirt and general allergens, contribute to odours in the home. Children and pets reek havoc on our carpets and like anything our children and pets touch, they need to be cleaned. Vacuuming on a regular basis as well as deodorizers can help but a professional deep cleaning is the only thing that will eliminate the odours permanently. If you’ve ever tried cleaning your own carpets, you know that the professionals do it better and in less time. A professional carpet cleaner will also be able to remove a variety of stains from your carpet.

Duct Cleaning

Investing in a good duct cleaning isn’t nearly as exciting as a great vacation or a new barbecue, but the results seen from doing so are very beneficial. Having your air ducts professionally cleaned can remove years of dust,dirt and smells. All that dust and dirt and the inevitable odours that have been circulating throughout your home can be extradited in just a couple of hours. The air that circulates throughout your home should be kept clean for many reasons. Funky smells are just one of them. Clean air ducts can leave you sleeping better, and more healthy. Investing in duct cleaning is not an exciting purchase but one that will have you excited when you enter your home and smell nothing.

Furniture Cleaning

Aside from our beds, our furniture is an area of our home where we spend the majority of our leisure time. The more use that couch gets, the more it will take on smells. Cooking odours, pets and children will all transfer stains and smells into the fabric of our furniture. Getting those smells out isn’t always easy. The professionals have the tools and experience to get the job done. Paired with duct cleaning and carpet cleaning, freeing your furniture of all those nasty odours, will leave your home scent free. Furniture cleaning along with these other odour eliminators will also increase your health and reduce your need to clean as often.

If you’re interested in having your home cleaned, we offer Carpet Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning, Furniture Cleaning and we will always go the extra mile to eradicate any of those pesky mystery smells around your home. A great smelling home is a welcoming and healthy home. Feel free to Contact Kleen Rite Carpet & Duct Cleaning to ask about our services.

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