With the summer finally here in Southern Ontario, you can expect a lot more dirt coming into your house. A lot of this dirt and dust ends up coming through your screen doors and windows. Particularly if your windows are close to the road where traffic is constantly stirring up dirt. Regular vacuuming can eliminate this dirt somewhat, but preventative care can also help maintain the look and feel of your carpet.

Brush your Pets Before they Come Inside

pet stainsWith the summer weather, house pets spend more time outdoors, and will often carry in dirt that builds up over time. While this dirt is easily swept up, or mopped up on hardwood and tile, it often goes unnoticed in your carpets, couches and ducts. Brushing your pet before they enter the house can cut down on dirt and dander significantly. Regular grooming will help keep your pet’s hair in good condition too by spreading natural oils throughout their coat. Don’t forget to comb their tail where a lot of dirt hides.

Change your Clothes after Garden Work

If you’ve been out gardening, and your seat or knees are covered in dirt, change your clothes before you sit on your most comfortable chair or couch. The same goes if you’ve been trimming hedges, or mowing the lawn. Grass, dirt, dust and pollen can easily catch in your clothing and can be tracked through the house. Furthermore, your clothes will get quite sweaty on those dog day afternoons. By keeping your clothes clean, your furniture will naturally stay cleaner as well. Over time you will want to consider cleaning your upholstery from the natural perspiration from your arms, neck and legs. This organic waste becomes a magnet for germs, bacteria and pests such as cockroaches.

Consider a Shoes-Off Policy

Most people already have a shoes-off policy in place for their home. However, when you have an outside backyard party, this policy is hard to keep in place as people trot back and forth from the barbecue to the kitchen or bathroom. In these situations, consider using flip flops that you can kick off or slip on at the door with ease. Spills and stains naturally occur as well, from BBQ sauce and red wine. Should you ever stain your carpet, Kleen Rite can make that stain vanish.

Use Mats and Rugs to Trap Dirt

The benefit of a mat or a rug is that it can easily be brought outside and thoroughly cleaned by beating the dust out with a broom. Certain rugs and mats are machine washable as well. Consider putting mats in high traffic areas such as the patio door, front entrance or near the favourite couch. If the family dog or cat has a regular nap spot, toss a small area rug there too, for their comfort and for keeping your rugs, ducts and upholstery clean.

Deep Clean your Carpets and Vacuum out your Ducts

white vacuumWhen carpets are dirty, substances cling to the fibers more frequently than when the carpets have been cleaned. This leads to a greater buildup of material, including dirt, dust, and organic waste such as perspiration, dead skin cells, pet waste and more. Regular household vacuums cannot clean as deeply as a deep steam carpet cleaning. Furthermore, with dirty ducts you are just blowing around dust whenever you turn on the air-conditioner. Consider the Kleen Rite deep clean. By combining the two services you save money and can breathe easier with cleaner air and nicer looking carpets.

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