Cleaning out the ducts in your home is an important job that many homeowners often overlook since this type of preventative maintenance will often go unnoticed – until a problem occurs with the air cleanliness within the home. While it may not initially sound like the most exciting way to spend money on your home, duct cleaning is important for the health and wellness for everyone living in the home. Although it is recommended to routinely clean the ducts in your home every two to five years, there are some circumstances that call for duct cleaning right away.

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  1. If substantial, visible mold is growing inside ducts or other HVAC system components (such as coils or drain pans), ducts should be cleaned immediately. However, you must also remember that if the conditions remain the same, it is likely that the mold will grow back, so taking control of environmental factors such as moisture in the air and general air flow are important in this situation.
  2. If your home has experienced a pest problem or infestation, cleaning your ducts is an important step in exterminating unwanted guests, or ensuring that rodents are not hiding in your duct work.
  3. If ducts are excessively clogged or soiled with dust, debris, or particles a cleaning is necessary. This can be identified when the HVAC system is turned on. If visible signs of contaminants are emitted from your vents when air begins to move, it is time for a cleaning.

Are you a new home owner? As a new home owner, cleaning out your HVAC is a good idea before settling into a new home, to ensure that any remnants of previous owners such as pet dander or cigarette odours, are vaccumed away. If you have bought a brand new home in a new neighbourhood, duct cleaning is very important. While construction is still taking place in close proximity to your home, it is extremely common to have debris like saw dust, cement dust and other construction material settling in your ventilation system.

It is important to remember that indoor air contamination can be solved by duct cleaning, but this does not resolve the reason it occurred in the first place. It is essential that the source of contamination is identified and resolved if possible. It is also effective to commit to a preventative HVAC maintenance plan that includes regular HVAC air filter changes and annual inspection and servicing of HVAC system components.

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