If you enjoy DIY projects, then laying carpet in your home can be a great way to transform a room. Laying carpet is fairly straightforward, but like most home improvement jobs, you will get the best results if you follow a step-by-step process.

Putting down carpet


Before you begin, it is best to make sure you have all the required items and tools. In addition to your carpet, you will also need smooth edge and your underfelt. Tools for this job include a broom and vacuum, floor scraper, staple hammer, carpet tucker, knee kicker and utility knife. It is also a good idea to have a pair of handyman knee pads to help you avoid injury.

Once you have all the necessary supplies, it is time to get started in laying your carpet. The following tips should give you a good overview of what needs to be done:

Step 1

Make sure the subfloor is as clean as possible. Be sure to remove any old staples or plaster with a scraper and go over the entire surface with a broom and vacuum.

Step 2

Go around the perimeter of the room and attach a smooth edge leaving about a finger-width gap where the floor meets with the walls.  Smaller lengths of smooth edge can be used in doorframes and to go around corners. Secure the smooth edge using nails.

Step 3

Working from one side of the room to the other, roll out the under felt so that it fits over the smooth edges. You will need to cut it to the appropriate size, using a utility knife.

Step 4

Secure the under felt around the perimeter of the subfloor using a staple hammer.

Step 5

Roll out the next roll of underfelt ensuring that its edge is pushed together with the edge of the first roll in a “butt join”. Once edges are adjoined cut to size and staple as you did with the first roll. Continue this process until the entire surface is covered with underfelt.

Step 6

Once the underfelt is secure, it is time to lay down your carpet. Roll it out from one side of the room to the other, using your feet to ensure it is squared up. Be sure to walk into the pile so that the edge of the carpet runs along the wall.

Step 7

Use the knee kicker in order to tap the carpet onto the smooth edge and then use the carpet tucker to further secure it. Start about a quarter of the way from the wall and work toward the wall and then go to the opposite quarter and work your way out to the opposite wall. This will help stretch the carpet evenly.

Step 8

Finally, use a nail in order to mark a straight line before cutting the carpet with your knife. Use joining tape to ensure that additional rolls of carpet are butted evenly together.

Step 9

Put away your tools and any excess carpet scraps and enjoy you newly carpeted room!

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