There’s just some dirt that regular vacuuming can’t remove, and after years of use, your carpet can retain a substantial amount of grime. That’s when a more thorough carpet cleaning is in order. You’re not limited to just one type of carpet cleaning, as there are both wet and dry cleaning options, and below you’ll see what sets the two methods apart.

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The use of carpet cleaning chemicals

First off, it’s worth noting that both wet and dry carpet cleaning methods will use some form of chemical cleaning solution. Wet cleaning, which is sometimes referred to simply as steam cleaning, can sound like it’s a chemical-free cleaning option. That’s not exactly the case. Steam cleaning systems do indeed use hot water to create steam, but the steam itself isn’t what cleans the carpet. The cleaning machine will spray detergent into the carpet, and that detergent is then activated by the hot water. A wet-vacuum will then be used to remove the water from the carpet.

Some people take a pass on dry carpet cleaning out of concerns about chemicals, but both wet (steam) and dry carpet cleaning methods will use detergents to some degree. The only real way to clean a carpet without chemicals is to vacuum it, and as noted above, that comes with its own set of limitations.

While both wet and dry carpet cleaning involve the use of chemicals, both methods use chemicals safely, and that’s the big takeaway here.

Wet cleaning methods for carpets

Using a steam cleaning machine or carpet shampooer can leave your carpet wet for one to two days after cleaning. Not only does that make getting around your house tricky, but it also has the potential to spur mold and mildew growth. Leftover soapy residue can attract more dirt and cut down on the time your carpet looks clean.

That’s why it’s good idea to opt for professional carpet cleaning services, which use powerful machines than the ones available for homeowners to rent. Professional carpet cleaning will come with a shorter carpet drying time and a more thorough removal of the water and cleaning solution used.

Dry carpet cleaning

Dry cleaning carpets involves the use of dry chemical compounds or cleaning solvents. These chemical solutions get into carpet fibers and break down any soil they find. Dry carpet cleaning may not always be an entirely dry process, as a small amount of moisture from application solutions may be used.

One advantage to dry carpet cleaning is that floors can be used again almost immediately after the cleaning job is done. Depending on the extent of the dry cleaning service, carpets could be dry and ready to use again in anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. The short drying time not only offers convenience, but reduces the possibility of mold and mildew forming, as they might within a carpet that remains wet for a time after the cleaning work is done.

Our choice

At Kleen Rite, we use a deep cleaning steam method to get your carpets clean. We feel the high heat kills off bacteria and micro-organisms lingering in your carpet, giving you clean results with minimal drying time. This eliminates pet stains, spilled milk or juice odours and hard to remove grime, all without damaging your carpet. Contact us today to book a carpet cleaning appointment, or to learn more.

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