Regular cleaning and maintenance of Microfiber furniture dramatically improves the look, feel and longevity of couches, chairs, and microfiber upholstery. Learning how to clean and care for microfiber doesn’t have to be difficult! Due to the fact that microfiber is made up of a much finer fiber (hence the micro!) than most other upholstery, it cleans very easily. However, it does require a different approach than traditional fabrics.

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Microfiber is made up of a combination of polyester, nylon, and rayon. It is the preferred material for upholstery because of how well it resists wear and tear, as well as deterioration caused by sunlight, water, insects, and mildew.

Daily Microfiber Cleaning

You can keep your microfiber pieces clean and well cared for by following a few regular practices. For starters, use a brush application on your vacuum to regularly remove loose dirt. By doing this on a regular basis, dirt and grime won’t have a chance to get itself embedded in your couch. Make sure to get under those cushions! You’re bound to find more than just loose change in there. If possible, remove the cushion covers and wash them according to the instructions on the tag. You will see one of four codes telling you how to launder the fabric: W is for a water based cleanser; S is for water free solvent, S/W means you can use either, and X means you should avoid cleansers all together, and just stick to the vacuum.

How to Clean Food Spills on Microfiber Upholstery

Start by removing excess food with a dull blade. Once you’ve isolated the area, determine what cleaning solution is right for your couch. See above to decode the tag instructions. After applying the cleanser, use a dry, clean brush to scrub the area. Depending on the instructions, some options are mild dish soap, carpet cleaner, upholstery shampoo, rubbing alcohol, baby wipes, and gentle soap. Before you use a new cleaning product on microfiber make sure to test it in a small, less visible area! Be sure to give it enough time to dry before you dive in on a highly visible area. Don’t ever douse the entire piece in cleaning product – instead, spot clean small areas as necessary.

Microfiber Cleaning Combinations

No matter how hard you try, your microfiber furniture is going to get dirty. Here are a few cleaning combinations when it comes to everyday (sometimes sticky) situations. Rubbing alcohol does the trick for ink stains and watermarks. Similarly, rubbing alcohol also works for oil based stains – such as stains from lipstick and moisturisers. meanwhile, you can use a piece of ice to harden a piece of gum and peel it off. Once the gum has been extracted, you may have to apply a spot cleaner to the affected area. Apply baking soda and water if you’re tackling unpleasant odours, then wait for it to dry and vacuum off the baking soda. Lastly, because it’s bound to happen at some point – red wine. If possible, pour salt onto the stain ASAP. Leave it on while you mix 2-3 drops of dish soap with a ½ cup of white vinegar. Once you’ve vacuumed up the salt, rub this mixture into the stain. Rinse and repeat until the stain is gone.

If you’re struggling with cleaning your microfiber furniture, contact us and ask about our services. After all, furniture cleaning is one of the many services we profession in.


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