There are often debates as to when the best time of year is to have your carpets cleaned. For many homeowners, spring is the ideal time because, after a nasty winter, most people want to clean everything that was tracked into the house during the winter.

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Whether it was the salt, dirt or anything else that was dragged in, most people view the change of the season as the best time to open the windows and clear out the house. However, what about summer as a great time to have your carpets cleaned?


People tend to forget that with the fresh air of spring comes dirt, pollen, mould spores, and exhaust fumes. We don’t think about all those pollutants getting kicked around, filtered throughout the house and A/C unit. With your AC cranked up to keep the house cool inside, you want to be comfortable in a clean home with as little dirt floating around.

Maybe you should consider these spring impurities because your carpet, rugs, and upholstery act as a big giant air filter. Your carpets could already be full of unseen pollutants such as dust mites, pollens and dander lurking deep in your carpet. You cannot remove these irritants by just vacuuming.

Tiny bugs can release their droppings that can trigger allergies in many people, and you wouldn’t even know that they are in your carpet! Dust mites, dirt and other pollutants can be removed with a good summer cleaning allowing you to breathe and sleep better all summer.

Depending on where you live, the heat, humidity, pests, dust and pollen can make a big impact in the air quality of your home. A good summer cleaning can help minimize the bad effects of poor air quality.

Outside Activities

Summer often brings more foot traffic into the house, whether coming in from the deck, outside outings, barbeques, poolside activities, gardening, mowing or a whole host of other outdoor adventures. Flip-flops, shoes, runners and bare feet can all contribute to dragging sand, and grass clippings. These outside activities mean that more dirt will be tracked on the floor and carpets. Whether you realize it or not, the summer condition of more foot traffic results in dirty carpets and poor air quality in your home.

Faster Drying Time

Since it’s summer, one of the great benefits of cleaning is that the drying time is much faster. Whether you have your windows open all day or the air conditioner is running, freshly cleaned carpets will dry on average half the time than when they are cleaned in the winter or spring. You don’t have to worry as much about over wetting and slow dry times, which is one of the most common customer complaints.

Since so many of us are outside a lot more during the warmer weather, summer cleaning is a good idea since we spend little time indoors. Cleaning your carpets during the summer is a good idea because you won’t get interruptions and people will not be using the carpet that much.

Make it Summer

There are different times of the year and various reasons that you’ll want to consider having your carpet cleaned, but it’s time to consider summer as an ideal time to clean out the house of any lingering spring pollutants and dirt. You’ll have a house that is healthier and cleaner so you can enjoy a more comfortable summer all season long.

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