We don’t often think about the merits of cleaning our vacuum cleaners, but it can actually make a big difference in the vacuum’s efficiency. If you manage to keep it as part of a regular monthly routine, the benefits of cleaning your vacuum cleaner include the fact that you are likely to see that both your vacuum cleaner is more efficient and lasts longer in terms of its lifetime.

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When you buy your vacuum cleaner you will more than likely be given cleaning instructions at the time, and it is worth bearing these in mind when you are looking to start cleaning as each vacuum cleaner make and model is different.

DIY cleaning your vacuum is a relatively simple task once you know how to do it and it only takes a few minutes to do, and resulting in benefits for you (and your vacuum cleaner).

So, how do you do it?

1. Empty the vacuum bag or canister

Remove the cleaner bag (where all the dust goes) or empty the canister into a garbage bag, being careful to seal it properly so you don’t have dust flying around.

2. Take apart the vacuum

Take apart everything that can be easily dismantled and wipe the pieces down with a damp cloth.

3. Clean the beater bar

Using scissors, a seam ripper or a blade, cut free all of the hairs or threads which have been caught up in the beater bar and remove them.

4. Disinfect the bottom of your vacuum

Use alcohol on a cotton pad to rub on the bottom of your vacuum cleaner to disinfect it – this is important as this is the part of your vacuum which travels around the house, in contact with the floor, and can therefore easily spread bacteria. After the canister or bag, this is the dirtiest part of the vacuum cleaner.

5. Clean your Vacuum Canister

Wash or wipe the canister if you have one – on the inside and the outside. Don’t forget the seals, and make sure that it is properly dried afterwards.

6. Wipe it down

Wipe down the rest of the vacuum cleaner – add a little disinfectant for some extra sparkle and cleanliness.

7. Change the filter

Check the manufacturer’s instructions about changing the filter. You should change it according to their instructions and no more or no less.

8. Remove scruff marks

Use alcohol on a cotton wool pad to clean scuff marks.

9. Clean the hose

To clean the hose, remove it, give it a good wash inside and out, but again, remember to make sure it is dried properly before connecting it again, or you can end up with mold.

10. Put the pieces back to together, and hey presto!

By following these steps and regularly cleaning your vacuum cleaner you can ensure that your vacuum stays in ‘good health’, making it more efficient, last longer, and keeping your home cleaner. The use of alcohol means that your vacuum will be disinfected and will also dry quickly, but you can also use other disinfectants to keep your vacuum smelling nice.

Cleaning your vacuum cleaner monthly won’t take a long time to do, and ensures that you can keep on top of it, leading to a cleaner home and less time needed to keep it that way.

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