You don’t have to be tipsy to get red wine on the carpet. The fact of the matter is, spills happen whether it’s from you or a guest, and they can leave permanent stains in your carpet unless handled properly. Putting a ban on red wine within your home is the only thing that will prevent that nasty stain. Knowing how to get red wine out of your carpet is a must.

red wine spill on carpet


Speed is the key when it comes to removing red wine from carpets. The longer that merlot sits, the harder it will be to remove it. Equally important is to ensure the stain is not heat sealed. Using a steamer or carpet cleaner with hot water will ensure that red wine becomes a permanent souvenir of a great party.

There are many solutions you can choose from in order to remove that stain. Some of the favourites that don’t involve harmful chemicals are:

  • Using Salt: It’s absorbent & you probably already have it
  • Dishwashing Liquid and Hydrogen Peroxide: Simple but effective. When paired together, they are still gentle enough for most carpets
  • Good Old Soda Water: Paired with baking soda and made into a paste, your red wine stain doesn’t stand a chance
  • Baking Soda and Vinegar Better Together: Used one after the other will remove the colour in no time and disinfect as well

Once you’ve chosen your weapon, it’s time to tackle the stain:

#1. Remove Excess Liquid

Pull the majority of the wine from your carpet. This will make the rest of the process easier. Dab and blot but never rub with an absorbent white cloth. Replace that white cloth with a clean one frequently.

#2 Apply Your Liquid Cleaning Solution of Choice

You need to ensure that anything you use will penetrate the carpet and the entirety of the stain. Test your solution on an area of the carpet that will not be easily seen to ensure it will be safe for our carpet.

#3 Rinse the Solution Out of Your Carpet Thoroughly

Many of these stain-fighting agents can cause bleaching and can be hard on the carpet fibers. Now is a great time to have your carpet professionally cleaned.

#4 If All Else Fails, Consider Using Chemicals

If your homemade solution fails to completely remove that red wine stain, consult someone at your local hardware store for the safest and most effective chemical solution to get the job done. Use with care. Chemical treatments can be harsh on both your carpet and the environment.

#5 Switch to White Wine!

It’s true that white wine drinkers are more carpet friendly people. When red wine meets carpet, the effects can be disastrous, not to mention, a waste of good wine. Having a proven technique for quickly cleaning red wine spills is a valuable tool. Especially if you enjoy the feel of carpet underfoot and good vintage in their belly.

If you really can’t get that stain out then Contact Kleen Rite and our professional carpet cleaners will be sure to get that stain out and your carpets spotless.

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