It’s that time of year again when homeowners start putting their homes on the market and when prospective buyers start looking. The real estate market is heating up. This can be good for you if you’re planning on selling your home, but that also means you will have some competition if you want to get the highest asking price possible.

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Realtors always suggest making your house as attractive as possible before trying to sell it. Making those updates to your home will always help. Updating plumbing fixtures and lighting and repainting rooms to lighter colours will always help when selling your home. But you can’t stop there.

What about your carpets? Isn’t it necessary to get those changed as well?

The truth is, unless your carpet is in really bad shape, cleaning is more than sufficient to maximize your profit. Most buyers aren’t looking for a brand new house or they’d be talking to a builder instead of you. But buyers do want to be able move into a house quickly and they want that house clean. Not looking at anything else, cleanliness is one of the first things that catches their eye. Your prospective buyer will think the same way. Cleaning the carpet is a great way to help give the impression that the house is clean.

You might think to yourself, “why shouldn’t I just replace the carpet?” Carpet is expensive and you will almost certainly not recoup that cost in the sale of your house. It’s far better to clean the carpet. Even the most well-maintained home will seem dingy if the carpets are dirty.

Cleaning your carpets can make them look great without having to inconvenience your family and life. You will be surprised at what cleaning the carpet well ca do to improve its looks, even if you think the carpet is in bad shape.

Odours are also an important factor for buyers. Pet smells and smoke odors will be coming from the carpets. As we live in our homes and adapt to our environment we become blind to those odors. All houses have an odor, but because we are in it all the time we become accustomed to the smells and it doesn’t seem to bother us. But I can almost guarantee you your buyer will pick up on it right away. Cleaning your carpets are a great way to help get those odors out of your carpet.

Prospective buyers don’t want to feel like they’re walking through your home, they want to imagine it as their own. The most important benefit of professional carpet cleaning before you sell it is that it makes your home look and feel like new. People don’t want to take on the expense of cleaning or replacing carpets after they buy.

Professionally cleaning and protecting your carpets when you’re trying to sell your home makes sense. We are here to help maximize your profit and get the most out of your home. Give Kleen Rite a call to see how we can help sell your home faster and for more profit.

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