Choosing the right carpeting solution for your home is a big decision, one you will be living with for years.  The right carpet can have a big impact on a room by adding colour, warmth and comfort, and at times the exact opposite.  They are also natural sound-reducers, particularly useful in areas such as second floor bedrooms and hallways of multi-storey homes.

So, what’s hot and stylish when it comes to carpets? Here are 5 carpet trends to watch out for as we move into the New Year – 2015. As you will notice, there will be some over lap with the trends we saw in previous years.

carpeted stairs1. Carpet Runners on stairs

The first trend is a continuation from 2014. As more and more house owners are converting their carpets to hardwood floors, they are keeping the carpet runners on stairwells to prevent slip and falls. As well, many homeowners choose to install carpet runners because they act as sound barriers, reducing the noise level when someone walks up and down the stairs.

2. Neutral colors

As we approach 2015, we are seeing more homes in Ontario choosing to keep their flooring solutions neutrally coloured. Neutral colours are advantageous because they allow the other elements in the room to come to the forefront. As well, the neutral colors brighten up rooms, especially those that don’t have much natural light. They appeal to everyone, especially for families who are looking to resell their home in the near future.

3. Natural Fibres

As the demand for ecofriendly options grows, so does the need for natural fibres – woolssisals.  These carpets are requested by high-end customers because they are natural and muted and have a “minimalist” style. Well worth the money spent, especially for allergy and asthma sufferers.

4. Two Toned Carpets

Also referred to as tone on tone carpets, these have been rapidly growing with more patterns and styles to choose from. Carpets are cut and part looped for a multidimensional look with two colours.  It adds a visual intrigue to any room without adding too much complexity.

5. Nylon:

Nylon carpets remain the most common carpet fibre on the market today, accounting for over 60% of Canadian carpet sales. It was first invented in the 1930s as an alternative to silk.  The reason why nylon carpets are still popular is because they are quite durable and resilient, yet exceptionally soft.  A nylon carpet will usually last longer than one made from another type of fibre. The fibre also has good resilience — it bounces back after being bent or crushed.

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