Carpet cleaning is a job that requires expert skills. Since most homeowners lack these skills, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is always recommended.

You can find lots of carpet cleaning services in Burlington. They don’t offer the same kind of service. While some companies promise quality carpet cleaning for a low price, they don’t always deliver on that.

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Here are some tips for choosing the right carpet cleaning service in Burlington.

When selecting a carpet cleaning service, asking the right questions is important. This will allow you to select a cleaning service that will offer the best value for your money.

Industry Training

Make sure that the company’s technicians have received professional training in carpet cleaning. This is important because only professional cleaners can do justice to your carpeting. Experienced carpet technicians may quote a higher price, but you will get value for your money.

Experience and Reviews

Experience is as important as professional training. Before selecting a carpet cleaning service, ask them how they long they have been in the business. Visit their profiles on social media. Also search their name on Google. Read customer reviews. If their service is good, they will definitely have received lots of positive reviews on sites like Google Plus and Homestars.

You should also ask your neighbors and friends who may have used their service in the past. Ask them if they were happy with the service they received. One or two negative reviews are not an issue. But if most of the reviews are negative, you have to be careful while hiring that company. Ideally, you should look for another service that has received excellent reviews.  If you can’t find information online, you should ask the company for references.

All carpet cleaning services worth their salt have their own websites and social media accounts. So, you should have no difficulty finding information about them online.

Price and Value

Price should not be the number one reason for selecting a carpet cleaning company. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. If prices are ridiculously low, you can’t expect the company to offer good cleaning services. When it comes to advertised specials always read the fine print, and be sure to ask questions if you are unclear with the terms.  Any company that values your business will not intentionally try to be misleading, and will be happy to clarify any questions you may have.

Why choose KleenRite?

KleenRite is one of the best carpet cleaning services in Burlington (our Burlington Readers Choice Awards year after year clarify this).  We learned, since day one, customer service, along with quality work, are the foundation of building and maintaining a successful service based business.  We specialize in upholstery cleaning, duct cleaning and carpet cleaning. Although our headquarters is based in Burlington, we serve the entire Golden Horseshoe area. We have dedicated technicians who have received professional training in carpet cleaning.

We use deep steam carpet cleaning technology to clean your carpeting. This method can remove all dirt, debris and cleaning solutions from the carpet. Our carpet cleaning technicians are also experts in removing pet stains.
KleenRite is the winner of the Readers’ Choice award for the past 6 years. Call us today to book an appointment.

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