No matter what kind of vacuum cleaner you buy, let’s face it… it’s not the most exciting purchase. Knowing a little bit about the vacuum cleaner options out there and understanding which one will work better for you, can make a new vacuum slightly less boring. Once you decide between a bagged or a bagless vacuum and if you’re a man, don’t buy your new vacuum for your significant others birthday. If this happens, we can’t help you.

emptying a vacuum cleaner


Unless you have purchased or inherited a filter queen, you will likely need to buy more than one vacuum in your lifetime. Research the options now so you won’t be left with a house that resembles a giant dust bowl when your beloved vacuum dies.  If your home has taken on the appearance of a rabbit cage, you might be in the market for a new vacuum. Here’s what you need to know about bagged vacuums and bagless vacuums.

Benefits of Having a Bagged Vacuum

There are essentially two types of bagged vacuums. Those that come with disposable bags and those that have washable, reusable bags. The reusable type, as you can imagine, are less costly than their disposable counterpart. They can, however, be messy. The early bagged vacuums had cloth bags that were hard to empty because of clogging and needed to be washed. In the 80’s, disposable bags revolutionized the bagged vacuum. Those who suffer from allergies, generally prefer a bagged vacuum. The bags have HEPA filters and because they are changed often, exposure to dust can be kept to a minimum. Be sure to monitor any filter bag. One that is too full will decrease suction. If your house has a dog hair problem and no dog, you’ve likely forgotten to buy filter bags, rendering your bagged vacuum useless.

Benefits of Having a Bagless Vacuum

If your memory isn’t what it used to be, a bagless vacuum might be your best bet. A bagless vacuum is always ready to perform, even if you’re forgotten to buy bags. With a bagless vacuum, you will enjoy cyclonic suction. If you don’t know what that is, you’re not alone. Multi-cyclonic suction will keep dirt from clogging your filter. Plus, it sounds impressive. A bagless vacuum is easier on the environment. A collection cup can be dumped and cleaned over and over again, instead of sending hundreds of disposable filters to the landfill. Without the ongoing expense of bags long after you have purchased and paid for your vacuum, the bagless vacuum is an attractive choice. If you’ve decided on a bagless vacuum, you will need to ensure that your filters are kept in tip top shape. Regular cleaning will keep your bagless vacuum sucking for many years to come.

Regardless of the pros and cons, both the bagged vacuum and the bagless vacuum should be researched. Each manufacturer of vacuums will have loads of references and reviews.  Check them out and next time you get invited to the neighbours, take a little tour, locate that vacuum and see what your friends are using. Or just ask them. Probably best to just ask them.

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