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Microfiber and leather couches are becoming  popular commodities in the home.  Although they are stain resistant, they are prone to getting dirty over time.  Quite often we forget to clean our furniture, even though it absorbs all the dead skin cells, dust and allergens floating around the home.  It is therefore important to create a regular furniture cleaning schedule.

In this blog post, our professional-trained cleaning specialists aim to debunk the common myths about furniture cleaning by offering 4 useful tips for you to follow.

1. Test the cleaning solution out:

Before applying the selected cleaning solution to your furniture, it’s recommended that you test the colourfastness of the fabric on an unnoticeable area of the furnishing.  Apply the solution to a clean white cloth, and press against the test area for no more than 30 seconds.  Examine the cloth for colour transfer.

2. Avoid over wetting the fabric: 

Avoid over wetting the fabric.  If you apply too much water or cleaning solution, it could spread the stain and soak the padding underneath it.  When that happens, you are inviting mould, mildew and bacteria, which are far worse than any furniture stain.  Speeding up the drying time with a hot-air dryer will not help – heat will only set the stain.  Should you find yourself in such a situation, merely blot the area dry.

3. Many cleaners are too harsh for leather furniture:

Even soap that is appropriate for hard leather may be too much for the softer material commonly used on sofas, love seats and other leather furniture.  As a general rule of thumb, anything with ammonia or alkaline can harm the furniture beyond repair, so avoid them entirely.

4. Protect against oil residue:

Even with protection against water-based stains, there are some things that will stain.  Be sure to consider oil-based substances and grimy dirt that may come into contact with your furniture.  As well, read the labels of your furniture protection sprays carefully to find out exactly what they will safeguard against.

These are just some of the many furniture cleaning tips that will help a homeowner maintain the look and feel of the furniture. However, when these aren’t enough, it’s best to hire a professional to thoroughly treat the material.

Importance of Steam Cleaning:

Many homeowners do not realize that steam cleaning furniture is possible.  Actually, this process sometimes prolongs the life of many items in the house. While there are some store-bought items that a consumer can use to perform basic procedures on fabrics, these are not as good in the long term as the services of a professional. An expert who is trained to treat household fixtures will be able to remove more dirt, debris, odours, and stains with ease. They will also be better equipped and trained to monitor water usage meaning your hard earned furniture won’t get damaged.

About Kleen Rite:

Kleen Rite offers professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and duct cleaning services to the entire Golden Horseshoe area. Contact us should you questions relating to anything you’ve read in this blog post. We will fully explain how we deep clean your rugs, couches, and duct work to remove mold, dirt, dust and pet dander.

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